Ear Piercing

Safe, Clean and Sterile Ear Piercing

Our earrings are specially designed to facilitate healing, which allows for an easy change to regular earring after the healing process. 

       1)  The earrings are made of Medical-Grade plastic with absolutely no nickel.  Medical plastic is recommended for anyone who wants to avoid                    developing a nickel allergy.

       2)  Longer posts provide space for air to circulate around the earring, allowing easier cleaning and better healing.  In addition, the earring backs                  are always fixed at the tip of the post.

      3)   Sterile, single use, disposable cassettes provides maximum protection against the  risk for infection.

Prepare for Process

Please use an indelible marker, a few days before the appointment, to mark the exact spots that you would like the earring placed.  This will give you time to be sure that you are happy with the placement.  

Aftercare Instructions

    1)  Never touch your ears with unclean hands

    2)  Wash your newly pierced ears (on both sides) thoroughly twice a day. Do not remove the earrings when cleansing.

    3)  Make sure that the area around the holes is kept clean, dry and airy at all times.

    4)  Cover your ears when applying make up, hair spray, spray perfume, hairdye, etc.

    5)  Take extra care when you are putting on/pulling off clothing over your head, in order to prevent the earrings from getting caught.

    6)  If bathing in a swimming pool, lake or sea, wait for as long as possible after the piercing and avoid keeping your head under water.  When you               come out of the water, cleanse with liquid soap and dry thoroughly.

    7)  After approximately 6 weeks, remove the ear piercing earrings permanently and change to new earrings.  Wash your hands and ears thoroughly.             With one hand, take hold of the jewelry part (front) of the ear piercing earring.  With the other hand, wriggle the earring back, back and forth,                 until you feel it loosens.  Carefully remove the ear piercing earrings and put in new, clean earrings.

    8)  It takes up to a year before the holes are completely healed.  Therefore, always wear earrings, so that the holes do not shrink and/or close                     completely.  Take extra care when changing earrings.  The skin that has grown in the holes is thin and delicate and can easily tear.  If you use               earrings with backs, they should not be pressed tightly against the back of the ear.

    9)  IMPORTANT:  Redness and/or swelling and/or pain and/or rashes are indicative of a possible infection. In this case, remove the earring and                 cleanse. Contact us if there is no improvement by the following day.